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Seg educativo y Seg pensión

Educational Income

Educational Rents are born as a personalized solution that you can design according to the educational assistance needs of your family. In addition, it allows you to adapt the policy to your economic possibilities. In this way, you provide them with the educational opportunities that your loved ones need to develop their abilities and fulfill their dreams. In addition, your child's education continues to be guaranteed since you can contract additional life plans that provide protection for death or total and permanent disability.

seguro educativo
Global education
Reasons to have this insurance
  1. It allows you to plan and accumulate from now on the capital you will need in the future to cover your family's educational expenses, the best gift you can give them.

  2. You can define the periodicity and the value of the payments that adjust to your economic conditions, with payment options in a single premium, or a monthly, semi-annual, quarterly or annual periodic payment plan.

  3. It guarantees you an Educational Income with periodic sums of money and during the period of time you choose.

  4. It offers you a comfortable term for the payment of your premiums, and you can make additional payments to increase the value of the rent or reduce the payment period.

  5. You guarantee the intellectual formation and personal development of your loved ones in any type of education, be it primary, secondary, university, postgraduate or non-formal education.

  6. It is a flexible insurance that allows you to make partial purchases of the educational plan you want, such as a purchase per semester or an amount of the desired Educational Income, you design it according to the educational needs of your family.

  7. You define the beneficiaries without any restriction, therefore, there will always be someone who receives the Educational Income.

  8. You can purchase the insurance as a supplement for additional school expenses such as food, transportation, supplies. Likewise, you can allocate the income to expenses other than education.

  9. You invest in the future and the opportunities of your family, without having to acquire a debt with any financial institution.

  10. It allows to comprehensively guarantee the education of your loved one. In case of suffering an unfortunate event (Death or total and permanent disability), you guarantee the coverage of educational costs.

  11. The compensation of life plans in the form of income allows the policyholder to guarantee that their loved one has financial support for a long period of time.

Pension Income

Feliz pareja de ancianos.
seguro de pensión

It is a customized solution that you can design according to your needs and plans for your future. In addition, you can adapt the policy to your economic possibilities:

  1. You can plan your future from today, guaranteeing the income you want to enjoy your retirement stage.

  2. It allows you to choose how long you want to receive disbursements.

  3. You can define the value of your Pension Income.

  4. It offers you the support, service and assistance of SURA, the leading company in the insurance market in Colombia.

  5. You decide who will receive the rent in case you die.

  6. It gives you the possibility to close the pension gap and supplement the income you will receive to guarantee your quality of life in the future.

  7. You can define the value and the payment method that best suit your economic conditions.

  8. SURA guarantees the growth of your income, so that it does not lose its value over time.

  9. As it is a private pension insurance, you can obtain the tax benefit referred to in article 126-1 of the tax statute.

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